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Anna's Technique

  • Anna was certified in Craniosacral Therapy at The Heartwood Institute of Integrative Medicine. She's a facilitator of Dynamic Body Balancing after completing over 100 training hours under Dr. Carol Phillips D.C. with focus on myofascial unwinding for expectant mother's and children.
  •  Sessions begin with the foundation of empathy. Listening to both the body and the mind are equally important. Anna works with the subtle energetic field of the body first, then continues with hands on techniques. Both Craniosacral and Energy Work are used to help facilitate balance within the nervous system. These integrated holistic approaches work to help clients begin to heal themselves in dynamic ways.
  • Both modalities address physical and emotional trauma. When these types of energy get trapped in the body, they can cause an imbalance. Releasing this restricted energy can help clients heal physically and difficult emotions can become easier to handle. A typical session involves the unwinding of tension in subtle movements (myofascial unwinding & release) to assist specific areas of your body that are in need of stability.
  • Anna's intention is to support each client’s individual bodily function for their individual needs. Each session will differ depending on the client’s distinct needs at that time. Anna aims to bring one’s awareness to all areas of tension and restriction to support and restore the balance within.
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